WirelessKeyView 查看保存在XP下面的无线密码



  Notice About WPA-PSK Keys

  When you type a WPA-PSK key in Windows XP, the characters that you type are automatically converted into a new binary key that contains 32 bytes (64 Hexadecimal digits). This binary key cannot instantly be converted back to the original key that you typed, but you can still use it for connecting the wireless network exactly like the original key. In this case, WirelessKeyView displays this binary key in the Hex key column, but it doesn't display the original key that you typed.

  As opposed to Windows XP, Windows Vista doesn't convert the WPA-PSK Key that you type into a new binary key, but it simply keep the original key that you type. So under Windows Vista, the original WPA-PSK key that you typed is displayed in the Ascii key column.

  Registry/File Location of The Stored Keys-系统中无线密码存储的位置。

  Windows XP and Windows Vista stores the wireless keys in completely different locations:?

  Windows XP: The wireless keys are stored in the Registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWZCSVCParametersInterfaces[Interface Guid].

  Windows Vista: The wireless keys are stored in the file system, under c:ProgramDataMicrosoftWlansvcProfilesInterfaces[Interface Guid]. The encrypted keys are stored in .xml file.



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