zabbix 2.2.1 安装记录

  install LAMP

  sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

  install zabbix

  if install via cmd like:

  sudo apt-get install zabbix-server-mysql zabbix-frontend-php

  when zabbix installed with version 1.8

  so, I manually installed zabbix 2.2.1:

  install zabbix 2.2.1 with zabbix-frontend-php 2.2.1-1+precise all.deb and zabbix-server-mysql 2.2.1-1+precise amd64.deb

  if you already installed older version zabbix , it will remind you whether reinstall the database or not

  open zabbix http://localhost/zabbix ,it will  show you some pre-requirements where need most careful

  p.s. if the requirement relate to php,need to change the php.ini, it locate to /etc/php5/apache2 and /etc/php5/cli

  some problem left:

  1. install zabbix from soure code failed…



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